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Existential angst

June 28, 2017



June 26, 2017

I don’t show anyone my sketch book pages very often. Why? I figure it’s too busy for anyone other than the schizophrenic, or people tripping hard on mushrooms. I have 1000’s of pages of stuff just like this. Many more have vanished to the sands of time. In the interests of science, and to preserve a record of my madness for future scholars to debate, here is the latest page, drawn at my table in front of my PC while I watched;listened to Rahssan Roland Kirk-Live in Paris 1972.



The Artist

June 13, 2017

My scanner sucks, and it has been washing out the color of the artwork I have been scanning. In time, I will get a new one. That being said, here are a couple of new paintings. I would like to be a cover artist. I dream of doing covers for Heavy Metal or Creepy, that type of stuff. Guttdr.

The Dud

June 8, 2017

dud 001

Lost Comics 6: Jesus H. Christ: Nazi Hunter!

May 4, 2017

Ahh, the infamous Jesus H. Christ, Nazi Hunter! So many people wanted to read this comic! And then I went and lost a whole pile of comics during some kind of transition in my life. Probably when I had kidney stones, and was battling them for 4 months with the help of good old percoset! Kicking the opioids was tough, but not even a fraction of the misery that I went through with those fucking kidney stones!

I like this comic. There are some other drawings to go with these pages (Quincy and others), but they are pages deep in my studio somewhere. So here they are. The two pages I completed before whatever. I may go back and re-draw those pages, and then continue with the adventure. I still remember the plot. I will consider it.

lost comicsjeezus_0001facechristfacechrist2

Lost Comics 5 (Lord Harold 2)

May 2, 2017

I had always planned on “KLONKO” and “Lord Harold” to be part of a much larger story. But for some reason, I killed off Klonko at the end of the book, without much resolution. I was in to that whole “Non-Hollywood” type of storytelling. As I go back and read the story, it’s not bad, but I really didn’t know what I was doing as far as writing visually went, and it shows. I should go back and fix it, and give you, the readers, a proper ending. I have a proper ending written, huge climax, Lord Harold gets his comeuppance, and, well, I’ll just save it.

Despite my lack of experience, people liked the story of Klonko, and wanted more. So I wrote the stand alone comic “Lord Harold”, describing the main villain’s motivation; that which sent him on his path of destruction. It was a hit! The mini comic sold out whenever I printed up some runs, and that kind of praise inspired me to do a sequel to the stand-alone Lord Harold comic, as I figured stories of his exploits before the events in the “KLONKO” book could be endless, should I choose it to be so. So I started to write a sequel, but only got 2 pages into it. Why? I think, whilst I was working on that, I was also doing my Tatertotdiaperman comics, which, as you well know, exploded in popularity and sent me down a path that I still travel today. I had forgotten about these couple of pages, and I wonder where I was going to go with the story. Who knows. Who cares?

lost comics(lord harold)_0001lost comics(lord harold)_0002

Dirty comics (from the land of the lost)

May 1, 2017

As I go through my own archives, I am finding comics and illustrations that I have not seen in many years. These two are a prime example. When did I draw them? 2002 or ’03 I imagine. When I worked at an adult bookstore in 1991, I used to pass the time by reading old Hustler magazines. Why? Was it the graphic photo shoots? Hardly. Nope, it was the cartoons. They had the some of the best one panel gag cartoons in the business. Some of them were quite racist now that I think about about it, and the Chester the Molester comics disgusted me, but others were brilliant, and worthy of an audible chuckle. So I felt I could do that, make some clever dirty comics, and shop them around to make a few bucks. But alas, I never did. I don’t know why. These comics were pretty polished for me at the time. Perhaps I did these just before my heart attack? Who cares. Here they are.