A new book with the newest “soon to be published writer” Stephen Henninger!

That’s right! We collaborated on the what-I-am-calling the “Raw” edition of my giant book 1978! And this time, I am not using KDP. I have gone with Lulu and have printed up my own exclusive copies of my award-winning book with a foreword by Stephen Henninger! This is the first of several projects I am working on with Steve, including his own book entitled “The Cream of Steve”! He wrote it and I am just finishing up the illustrations and we expect a May release! Or sooner now that I have finished my many other projects, including this “Raw” version of “1978”! Now, this isn’t the definitive version, that will be officially published by Birdcage Bottom Books in 2024 in full color by Maciej Palka! As you may recall, this book was originally published in Poland under the title “Cykl Kozla (Goat Lore)” and ended up winning 2 of the 3 awards it was nominated for, including Best Book of the year and Best Writer yours truly! As Maciej is busy coloring and translating the second part, I have published the entire story in the way that I was unable to make happen back in 2010 when I first wrote it: One panel per page. Cinematic style. I explain my reasons for this in the introduction. Details will soon follow on how to grab your own copy of this huge 328 pager!

The cover for the special edition!

Flop Sweat 5 and 6 to debut at MoCCA art fest in April

And my contract was extended to include the continuation of Flop Sweat in the form of issues 7 and 8!

I also finished the English translation version of my award-winning Polish comic “Cykl Kozla”, which, at 318 pages, is my biggest book to date! But it won’t see the light of day unless

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