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I’ve been busy

February 15, 2017

This whole business with the direction our beloved country is heading in has gotten me down so much, that, while other bummers in the past have had the ‘depression effect’ on me (down,sad,unmotivated,suicidal at times), this debacle has ignited a flame in me. So much so, that I have become somewhat of an activist. I now host a semi-daily show called “the RESIST show”, where my co-host and I┬ápoint out the troubling things that we are seeing coming out of our kakistocracy’s mouth. So my focus has been put on another path for now, and my art has taken a somewhat backseat to the events that are currently unfolding. You can listen to the RESIST podcast at Here is the last comic page I have drawn.


The Return of Tatertotdiaperman

January 21, 2017


I’m not a Dumb-Ass

January 10, 2017


Cocaine is a Hell of drug

January 8, 2017


Fat Shamers

January 6, 2017


Tabling at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival May 13th and 14th!

January 4, 2017

I better get a buttload of books printed up! I have always done these ‘superhero’ type cons, but my comics don’t do particularly well. Here is a comic about that experience. Hey friends!


January 3, 2017